Artist Statement

How we see God invariably affects how we see ourselves.

If God is our father, as believers know him to be, what kind of father is he? A loving father watches his children with expectant fascination while a dysfunctional father expects only harm from his children and behaves accordingly. From God's unique vantage, are we frail and troubled by shadows or are we brilliant manifestations of eternal hope? Our personal beliefs about ourselves are shaped by the answer to that question.

Daniel Marosi's drawings and paintings explore the duality of viewing ourselves from God's perspective. From an overhead angle, we may experience our personal need for connection while feeling isolated and self-conscious as voyeurs.

Marosi's work is influenced by the surreal psychodramas of graphic novelists Ben Katchor and Lynda Barry as well as Robert Longo's "Men in the Cities" series.

Besides being a designer and artist, Marosi is also a keyboardist for the band at Lighthouse Church in South Beach, performing every Sunday, with God's blessing.


Foundation Studies | Cleveland Institute of Art
BFA 1991 | The University of Akron
Painting Development Workshop 2004 | Haystack School | Maine

December 2010 | Casa Wynwood | Miami, FL
December 2010 | MIA Mi Cielo | North Bay Village, Miami Beach, FL
June 2010 | My Private Art Club | Midtown, Miami, FL
May 2010 | Ricart Gallery Miami | Design District, Miami, FL
August 2009 | Life is Art | Wynwood Arts District, Miami, FL
August 2008 | Open Studio | Miami, FL
October 2007 | Sagamore Hotel | Miami Beach, FL
August 2007 | Miami Interchange | Miami, FL
December 2005-2009 | FIU Postcard Show | Miami Beach, FL
November 2006 | Open Studio | Miami Beach, FL
June 2006 | AARTCORP| Cleveland, OH
June 2006 | House at the Crossroads | College Park, MD
March 2006 | The Lab Annual Benefit Show | San Francisco, CA
May 2005 | Open Studio | Miami Beach, FL
February 2005 | Dorsch Gallery Tsumani Benefit Show | Miami, FL
December 2004 | Open Studio | Miami Beach, FL

Ultra Music Festival 2009 | Repurposed drums | Miami, FL
Ultra Music Festival 2008-2010 | Custom recycling containers | Miami, FL