March 2020 - CANCIO CONTEMPORARY receives special commission to create a curated office for the new
21st century. Blurring all lines between Professional Space and Home Environment - the self-contained capsule

Artists: John Bell, Diego A. Romero, Douglas Hoekzema, Matthew Doust,
Bianca Patorius, Gus Vergara, Rocco Grasso, Daniel Diaz Tai, Daniel Marosi

POP-UP independent curated show Jan - Mar 2014 - FAT Village photo courtesy of New Times

Artist Zammy Midgal - 59th and LEX Cafe - BLOOMINGDALES, Aventura, FL - 2013/Current

Panel discussion Imerging Collector Series
Panel Lists: Luky Cancio, Vivian Pfeiffer of Christie's, Sheila Elis, Denice Gerson of Lowe Art Museum at BAC spring 2013

ART CHAT Group from Ft. Lauderdale Museum of Art visit CANCIO CONTEMPORARY.
Talk by Armando Droulers tracing text through art history - April 29th, 2013.

Artist Luisa Mesa - 59th and LEX Cafe - BLOOMINGDALES, Aventura, FL - 2012/2013

Artist Daniel Marosi - Level 3 Entrance - BLOOMINGDALES THE FALLS
Other artists, Hou, Chauve, Mesa, Bell, Kocking, Abait

One of Miami's Most Unique & Independent Art Consultants

Cancio is continuously investigating the International Emerging Art Scenes. The Curator/Consultant is inspired to offer a creative and unique platform for engaging dialogue. Cancio brings an inside look to the New Art Lover and an fresh angle for the Experienced Collector.

CANCIO maintains a commitment on carefully selecting New Artists and their most powerful pieces. The 2011-2012 Art Season will bring opportunity to attend Art Talks, Art Salons in Artists Homes, Independently Curated Exhibits and Private Studio Tours. The eye behind CANCIO CONTEMPORARY is always focused on making Living with Art and Learning about the new Art Trends a most enjoyable experience.