Luisa Mesa



Artist Statement

The inspiration for my work arises from a strong desire to connect with a deeper part of myself and transcend the personal. The process of creating my work is intuitive, remaining present as the work unfolds. Line, repetition and layering are fundamental in the work and my artistic language has emerged unpremeditatedly.

My choice and combination of colors is spontaneous, at times marrying colors that are not complementary but somehow work together. I work in diverse media such as enamel, spray paint and oil, among others.

The installations I create symbolize our perceived individuality and how at a deeper level everything is connected to everything else. Every piece that makes up each installation is different, yet together they constitute a whole.


Luisa Mesa was born in Havana, Cuba, and earned her BFA (Magna Cum Laude) at FIU, in Miami, where she lives and works.

Mesa has exhibited her work in numerous venues and is included in several important collections, such as Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines' Oasis of the Seas. Mesa is on her second term as an Artist-in-Residence at ArtCenter/ South Florida (810 Lincoln Road, Studio 104, Miami Beach, FL 33139).